IdentityBrokerException: No token from server

Hi there,

I am trying to setup an openId Connection in my app for one of our client.
I’ve my Keycloak server setup on CleverCloud.
I have created a realm, a client and an Identity provider (OIDC).
It is an Oauth 2.0 IDP;
When i try to log in, I am getting this error :
Unexpected error when authenticating with identity provider

In my server logs i have :
ERROR [] (default task-340) Failed to make identity provider oauth callback: No token from server

I’ve looked up on the web to fix the issue, and i saw a few post saying that it may be the client_secret that could be wrong, but i double checked with my client that it is the good one. Also, when i’am trying to login et to receive an access token form their api it works well using Postman.

So i’m looking for some help to fix this issue :slight_smile:
Thank you,

Also I have this issue

I am having the issue with the public Smart on FHIR test launcher SMART App Launcher

It doesn’t check client ids so it should be pretty vanilla.

This post says that you have to make your own identity provider in order to broker with some OAuth2 providers: Let's extend Keycloak's Identity Brokering (Discord)

I get the error with keycloak 16.1:
15:17:03,007 ERROR [] (default task-25) Failed to make identity provider oauth callback: No token from server.
at org.keycloak.keycloak-services@16.1.0//

I am also facing same issue since 2 month but no solution

aanyoe resolved this yet?

For me this was an issue that my OIDC server was not returning an Identity Token in the token response. Once that was configured correctly, everything worked fine.