Noob question: initial setup to start creating custom identity provider?

Good afternoon!

I have running Keycloak instance on bare metal (I followed these steps: OpenJDK - Keycloak). All is working, all is good.
But I have a requirement to create some custom identity providers from scratch… And I am confused… How to even start doing that?
Is my setup not enough in this case?
Should I download Keycloak source code from GitHub - keycloak/keycloak: Open Source Identity and Access Management For Modern Applications and Services and start Keycloak server from it?? How to even do this if I am new to Java? (I have .NET experience though).
Are there any good step-by-step tutorials out there? I tried reading official Keycloak documentation, but it didn’t help :confused:

What do you mean by “custom identity provider”. Does it work with a generic openid provider?
Do you have to work around some custom oauth2 claims?

Are you trying to achieve something similar to this: Link with Patreon - #18 by andymel? Then you could take that as a starting point and create your own provider.

In general keycloak can be extended without putting your changes into the base source - see Extending Server | keycloak-documentation.