Feedback re: dealing with Keycloak experience

I’ve been working on customizing and getting keycloak to work for a side project - very simple configuration hooked to a Postgresql database and I am kind of tired of it.

I find the documentation lacking and everything I want to do that is not supported in the console seems to be like a fool’s errand. Luckily I found articles on the net. But shouldn’t the documentation be ultimate authority of what you can and you can’t do? I find the configuration overwhelming because you have to do it in so many places. The console, xml, jar, war, css files etc. that you need to configure and so on. And let’s face it, the out-of-the-box UI that is supposed to be facing your application users is not polished enough.

Let’s take customizing the UI, the pages, fields and all that stuff. The documentation doesn’t tell me exactly what ftl script controls what page. Ok, I found this:, but it doesn’t say much.

Is it holding my hand if I want to see a more detailed example, i.e. code in an ftl template and picture of the effect of using that code on the page?

Seeing this forum is depressing. I can hear the crickets.

I am contemplating switching to IdentityServer - at least everything is in one place - the code.

If their goal was to create a product difficult enough to configure that it makes you want to pay a consultant to do it for you, I think they achieved it.



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