OTP registration on flow A and OTP login on flow B

Hello there,

I’m trying to set two different authentication flows for two different clients within the same realm :

  • Flow A : Users log in with username+password and then are allowed to set up OTP with the registration QR code.
  • Flow B : Users log in with username+password+OTP. There are not allowed to set up OTP on this flow.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying different configuration but I hadn’t been able to achieve what I want so far.

It seems that no matter what I do, if “Configure OTP” on the “Required Actions” tab from the “Authentication” page is enabled, then the OTP setup page is always shown to the user on every flow. At contrary, if “Configure OTP” is disabled, then there’s no way to show the OTP setup page in any flow.

Is there something I’ve missed ?