Override well-known-openid-configuration

Hello, in Keycloak due to some requisite i’d like to to customize the oidc authorization endpoint in that way:
“authorization_endpoint”: “http://localhost:8080/auth/oauth/v2/authorize/login?action=display
thanks to the server administration guide i successfully override well-known-openid-configuration
and the .well-known/openid-configuration endpoint works perfectly fine with my override.
The issue comes when i try to trigger the authorization_endpoint… in fact i receive:
Error response 404: javax.ws.rs.NotFoundException: RESTEASY003210: Could not find resource for full path: http://localhost:8080/auth/oauth/v2/authorize/login?action=display&response_type=code&client_id=xxxxxxxxxxx… and so on
why the authorization_endpoint is not find? Thanks in advance