Redirect to app after email verification action

For my app flow it would be nice of the server to redirect to one of the setup redirect_uris after successful email verifaction action has been run.
Ideally I’d like to run the verification via API call from within in the app, so the server needs to compose the verification link with the app in the URI like “app://verify/…token” and the app then calls a KC API to let it verify the handed in token. The API should respond with an access token.

If that is not possible it would be fine to have the default https verification link open a webbrowser but KC sending a redirect to the the app via 302 containing the access token.

Are such flows already present somewhere?

If you are setting up the verify email required action from the execute-actions-email admin API call, you can include a redirectUri that the user will be directed to following a successful email verification. See docs under the execute-actions-email method in the UsersResource Keycloak Admin REST API

So this is not possible via configuration in the UI? Would be great to define the redirect_uri :slight_smile: So we do not need to do the API requests on our own.

Correct. It’s currently not possible in the UI.