REST API - Users groups attribute

I’m new to keycloak and trying to use the webservises (REST API) in order to build up an adapter to retrieve users, groups, roles, …
Based on the documentation, we’re supposed to get a groups attribute in the users returned but we can’t see it.

        "id": "43142a9d-7027-48a7-9112-4c3b5127730d",
        "createdTimestamp": 1612782098658,
        "username": "norbert.miera",
        "enabled": true,
        "totp": false,
        "emailVerified": true,
        "firstName": "Norbert",
        "lastName": "Miera",
        "email": "",
        "disableableCredentialTypes": [],
        "requiredActions": [
        "notBefore": 0,
        "access": {
            "manageGroupMembership": true,
            "view": true,
            "mapRoles": true,
            "impersonate": true,
            "manage": true

Do you have any tips / advice / userguide on how to get this information?

Thanks in advance !

have the same issue.
The strange thing that the group attribute appears in the token ( after i created a mapper for that), but i still cannot get the group attribute when using the Admin API.

What should i do in order to get the group attributes in the GET /{realm}/users api

Guys any solution found for this one ? @liorgur , @dasniko

@M3gababa any solution you got ?