SAML client: bypass Logout confirmation and Authentication Redirect screens

I have configured a SAML client in Keycloak specifying the following parameters:

  • Client ID
  • Valid redirect URIs
  • Master SAML Processing URL
  • Name ID format: email
  • Force POST binding: ON
  • Front channel logout: OFF

My client app (it’s an external app with guide to configure Keycloak, I made everything step-by-step) uses the Remote Logout URL like this:{client-id}

I do not have access to the id token, so I cannot provide the id_token_hint parameter.

And I get two things that trouble me:

  1. The most important one is the logout confirmation page with another Logout button after I click “Sign out” in my client app.
  2. Authentication Redirect after I successfully sign in in Keycloak and before redirecting to the client app.

Is there some way to fix these problems?
Am I missing some more configuration steps (I didn’t touch the advanced section of the client configuration in Keycloak)?

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