SSO login for Users- for All Application

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Thank you so much for such a awesome community.
i am very new in this and started Exploring Keycloak, have enable SAML login with Nextcloud and its working.
I was looking for an options, where end users ( all LDAP users) should login to SSO page ( Keycloak) rather than client ( Nextcloud) page and see all associated / connected client and access them directly from Keycloak login page. this will give single view to them to see all application and they can login from SSO page directly.
i am using only one Realm and this will contain 4-5 client

Not sure if my requirement is funny :slight_smile:
Please suggest .

Dear All,

Any luck on this please ?

do you know about the Account Console Client?
It has a tab with an overview of connected clients with
links to access them.

Thank you so much.
I am still failing to achieve objective is, can we provide single centralised page to normal users where they can see all client link or logo to click and login to those applications directly from Keycloak ?

Not sure what i am missing, just want to give single page with all application urls listed to everyone.


As far as I understand,you don’t have to develop this centralised page/screen. Keycloak is already providing this by default. Under account-console you can see all your clients. This you can customise as per your needs. And from here the user can access all the applications. Something like a google dashboard.