Stop keycloak server on one node for domain deployment

I am trying to find a command for graceful shutdown of one particular node in a managed domain cluster of keycloak. However, not been able to find a good documentation on rather simple task. Any help here would be appreciated.

Ashish Choudhari

This may be trivial for many, but could not find a clear answer yet. Any help would be appreciated.

So I’ve got keycloak running as a service on my box, but you can perform graceful shutdown with a simple command: simply execute the script:


that should do it! PM me if you want me to show you the service file I created for keycloak so startup/shutdown/restart can be even simpler for you.

jboss-cli.bat --controller=remote+http://controllerhostname:9990 --connect --user=slaveuser --password=password --command=/host=nodehostname:shutdown