SuiteCRM SAML Integration

I’m trying to set up SAML authentication with SuiteCRM but keep getting the error:

We’re sorry…

Unknown login requester

Keycloak log:

18:54:06,532 WARN [] (default task-28) type=LOGIN_ERROR, realmId=demo, clientId=, userId=null, ipAddress=, error=client_not_found

I have the URL’s mapped but I can’t find anywhere on the web that explains how to import the adapter settings into SuiteCRM. I’ve added the x509 certificate and the login URL redirect works when accessing SuiteCRM

This is a test environment and the actual URL for the SuiteCRM is (’. The site was copied from (’. Somehow that old URL is being passed as the clientId.

Any help will be much appreciated!

I had a similar problem with Code Collaborator. I had to setup the client with the exact URL name of the website. See screenshot below.


Also, for the Service Provider in the Code Collaborator application I had to use the full URL, which in my case was.

Thanks, I’ll verify my settings again.

I set the client ID exactly the same as the URL but it’s still failing to recognize the requester. Somewhere the client_id is still using the previous domain the site was hosted on. It was on ‘’ now it’s on ‘’ so it must be in the database or something that’s sending the old sub.domain as the client_id.