UPDATE_PROFILE event in details do not handle with attributes of user on production

I currently use Keycloak for my company and I also customized it. But I have a problem when I custom the account management console such as adding an attribute like the mobile number. So, I need to catch the UPDATE_PROFILE event to do my work, but when I tried to update the mobile number on the keycloak container (default port is 8080) which I created from docker then I do not receive any change in details!
Screenshot from 2021-11-14 14-13-19

But when I ran my customization in the testsuite module from the keycloak project which I folked on github (it ran on port 8081) then I had all I need in details of event.

Eventually, I have to deploy my product with a keycloak images and I do not why that problem happen?

If it relates to version of keycloak image then somebody in developer team can fix it or upgrade version? or I was wrong in somewhere?

I really appreciate your help in this matter. Thank in advance!