Upgrade "First Broker Login flow" after keycloak upgrade


I upgraded my install from keycloak 7.0.0 to 8.0.1, First Broker Login flow seems to have been evolving between theses two versions (see picture below).

Existing realms are still on the old flow model and only new realms are being initialized with the new flow.
Is there any way to update built-in flows without recreating everything ?

The old flow is not working on keycloak 8.0.1, it is probably a bug, social login from google or facebook are making keycloak throws an invalid credential error… but if there is any way to update flow, this issue won’t need to be solved specifically.

Thanks in advance

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i also looking to this problem,
currently i use version 6.0.1
and it seems when upgrading to version 8 it didn’t migrate new first broker login and cant make a duplicate flow thats working in 8.0.1
new first broker login flow and execution didn’t registered in my DB

new first broker login only showing in the new realm, but it not work in existing realm

will update later if found the solution…


it will be fixed in 8.0.2 and 9.0.0

some work around before that