User Invitation after Create

Is there anything out of the box or a maintained user plugin to accomplish sending an invitation email after a user is created through the Admin UI?

I found a question here which has some libraries but I don’t think they are maintained: User invitation - #2 by makayabou

If there doesn’t exist something is the recommended way to do this just hooking into the User Creation event such as what’s in these posts?

Any help would be appreciated.

I’m not aware of something “out of the box”, but as you say, using the event system is a way to solve this problem. The keycloak-events library user change listener is maintained and used by many.

Ok. Is the intent to clone keycloak-events and add more events like the example MyUserAddRemove, build the events jar, and deploy that to the server?

Or is the intent to clone the repository, build that jar, and deploy it to Keycloak. Then in a separate codebase we can add a dependency on this built jar and extend things like UserEventListenerProviderFactory?

Just trying to get a feel for how to use this vs. building a provider jar following the method here in the Keycloak Extensions Playground Github repo: provisioning-event-listener-extension

You can do either of those things. If I’m already packaging another extension, I’ll just include the events jar and use it as a dependency. If it’s the only extension I’m going to use, I’ll add it to the events build and add it to the jar.