What should the admin url be when using javascript adapter?

I’m having trouble using the session revocation feature in combination with the Javascript adapter. We have a react application with the javascript adapter used to initialise keycloak and perform log in and log out.

When I try to revoke all access tokens under the revocation tab i get an error message similar to this(I haven’t put the actual url in this example):

Failed to push notBefore to admin_url. Verify availability of failed hosts and try again.

It seems unclear in the documentation what I should be putting as the admin URL. The pop up in the admin console itself suggests it should be the base url of the application but that doesn’t seem to work. Any advice on what is the correct url to use when using the javascript adapter would be much appreciated.

Hello again,

Anyone got any idea or even a hint on this? It is a public client authenticating using OIDC to get a bearer token that is used to communicate with a bearer only back end if that makes any difference.