Why CloudFront didn't forward https protocol to KeyCloak

I deploy the KeyCloak to AWS ECS Fargate, before that is ALB and CloudFront. I find that the CloudFront has forwarded domain name to KeyCloak but not https protocol. So the KeyCloak return http to viewer, then it will be failed to jump to admin console. Is there anyone who can help on this?

Problem description is vague. But let me try: you are using official Keycloak image and you didn’t configure PROXY_ADDRESS_FORWARDING env variable

Jangaraj, thank you. I have already set the PROXY_ADDRESS_FORWARDING=true in the ECS task definition’s environment variables, see the picutre.

And also set the X-FORWARD-“XXXX” in CloudFront behavior’s whitelist headers. Is there anything I missing, seems the KeyCloak return http but not https.