Will Keycloak 7 work with PostgreSQL version 13?

I’m using Keycloak 7.0.1 with PostgreSQL version 10 on Azure database for PostgreSQL single server.
Azure database for PostgreSQL version10 will be ended the support on 2022/11.
So, I’d migrate from version10 to version13.
On Keycloak support page, querying the list of supported databases is “PostgreSQL version10”.

I’m looking for the case no effected from version10 to version13 or no trouble using Keycloak with PostgreSQL version13.
Does anyone use Keycloak 7 with PostgreSQL version13 or newer version?
Any input or direction anyone might provide would be appreciated.

Should work. I have instances running against pg 11 in ha setup and against pg 13 as well.

thank you so much for your info!! I’d try it.