Blank page after clicking Admin Console when start not in dev mod

Running a keycloak 17.0.1 on a ubuntu 20.04 VM with a postgres database.
Keycloak server is access passing through a pfsense(with HAproxy redirecting myKeycloakHostName to IpOfKeycloak:8443 port of keycloak VM)

When starting in “dev” mode (bin/ start-dev) keycloak I can access to main page and admin console
But when starting the same server in “prod” mode (bin/ start-dev) I can access to main page but get a blank page in state of the login admin console?

Any Idea of the problem?
(No log on the start console)

Found somwhere that 17.0.1 seem’s to have this “blank page” problem
Fall back in keyclok 17.0.0 resolve my blank page error :slight_smile:

I encounter this issue on 18.0.0.

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Have you try to test 17.0.0 ?

In my experiments with Keycloak in a Docker container, behind an Nginx reverse proxy (also in a container)

  • 17.0.0 works fine
  • both 17.0.1 and 18.0.0 have the blank page issue

I have a separate discussion on here and I’ve ready a large number of similar posts. In summary, none of the wide range of suggestions fixes this problem. No errors in the logs, nothing in the browser dev tools, just a blank page.