Bug? v12.0.4 Account Console loading


Is there a bug w.r.t v12.0.4 – it’s hanging on ‘Account Console loading …’.

HTTP sequence on clicking ‘Impersonate’ on all realms below. NB: https://example.com/authjs/keycloak.js is a 404 NOT FOUND.

POST https://example.com/auth/admin/realms/master/users/3467c293-741d-4345-8e06-a2a17ea71458/impersonation HTTP/1.1

GET https://example.com/auth/realms/master/account HTTP/1.1

GET https://example.com/auth/realms/master/account/ HTTP/1.1

GET https://example.com/authjs/keycloak.js HTTP/1.1

GET https://example.com/auth/resources/d5e5y/account/keycloak.v2/welcome-page-scripts.js HTTP/1.1

For another use case, I have the same root cause: file /authjs/keycloak.js is NOT _FOUND cause the path is obviously wrong - in 11.x it was in /auth/js/keycloak.js and now its in /authjs/keycloak.js

The use case / reproduce steps:

  • on the admin console, click on “Manage Account” on the top-right dropdown under your name.
  • It shows an “Account Console loading” and a dummy spinner, but it is stuck.
  • JS throws a console error not finding Keycloak variable
  • On the Network Tab it shows /authjs/keycloak.js as NOT _FOUND

FYI upgraded from 11.0.3 to 12.0.4

FYI – I will be adding it to the issues tracker. Would you happen to know of a workaround pending a future fix?