Configuring Help Text for a Custom Password SPI

I am creating a custom SPI using the following repository as a base: GitHub - CACI-IIG/keycloak-hibp-password-policy: HaveIBeenPwned Password Policy for Keycloak PoC

This repo’s SPI and my clone version work fine and I am able to do things like change the display name of the custom password policy. However, the help text for this custom policy shows up as passwordPoliciesHelp.HIBP.

I have tried implementing ConfiguredProvider and adding the getHelpText() method but this did not work. I tried in both the Provider and the ProviderFactory but neither worked to fix this.

Does anyone have a reference to the documentation that states how to do this for a Password Provider? And if it is implementing this then what am I doing wrong?

I don’t know if you are still trying to find a solution for this or you have already figure it out

I was trying to customize the help text and the error messages and I found out that I can change the help text using the theme
so you can add a new theme or modify existing one if you are already using custom one and add a new file inside the folder admin/messages called or
so you will have something like this:
and inside it add this line:
passwordPoliciesHelp.HIBP=Check if the password is found in data breaches in HIBP.