How to build SPI for Keycloak 17 (Quarkus)

Hello here

I’m not new to Keycloak, but still a little bit new to Maven build, because I’m using maven shade to pack my SPI and relevant artifacts. So using keycloak 6 to 16, everything was working fine.
But now after shade, I’m importing the jar into

COPY ./common-spi/target/common-spi.jar ${KEYCLOAK_DIR}/providers/common-spi.jar

and building all using

RUN ${KEYCLOAK_DIR}/bin/ build

and everything seems to be working fine.
BUT: During runtime I get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for so much classes that I’m using that I don’t understand the reason why I’ve done the build before.

Any idea?

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Ok, so I’ve changed my config and added these lines


Normally, just one line is sufficient. My reference was this

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