How to prevent a user from logging in to a client after resetting password


I am fiddling with the settings for reset password flow sometimes but I could not figure this out myself so I need little help on this. As I mentioned on the title, I am trying to prevent the user from logging in to the client app automatically after the user resets the password. This only happens if the user uses the same browser (or browser sessiont) to reset the password. If I closed all the browsers and start a new one or use different kind of browser (for example, initiate the reset password flow in Chrome and use the link on Edge), I am redirected to a page confirming that the password is updated.

I like it to always go to a static page saying that the password is updated instead of trying to do something smart by itself. Is there way to force the end result of the reset password to be a page regardless of how and where the flow is initiated?

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Hey I want to achieve same things as well. Did you managed to achieve that?

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Iā€™m facing the same situation, any feedback here would be very helpful!