How to retrieve groups for a user using the admin api?

I’m calling the admin api to get the list of users for a realm. I need the groups field (which is defined in the UserRepresentation) however, is not returned by the api. Calling the user details endpoint for a specific user also misses this field.

These are the fields I’m getting:

 {'id': '314cfd91-dae1-40c1-9af9-5857c6531dc3',
  'createdTimestamp': 1600373234948,
  'username': '',
  'enabled': True,
  'totp': False,
  'emailVerified': True,
  'firstName': 'Jeudy',
  'lastName': 'Blanco',
  'email': '',
  'disableableCredentialTypes': [],
  'requiredActions': [],
  'notBefore': 0,
  'access': {'manageGroupMembership': True,
   'view': True,
   'mapRoles': True,
   'impersonate': True,
   'manage': True}}

I know I can get the groups with a mapper in the access token, but I need them from the api call.

Is this possible at all? or do I need to cross reference the list of users with the /{realm}/groups/{id}/members endpoint?