Keycloak HTTP Monitoring

I am a keycloak newbie an i am searching for a good possibility to monitor the technical and behavioral status of keycloak by HTTP (usage statistics by realm, database connections, …).
I suppose that there are several JMX statistics, but http would be so much better :slight_smile:

We are using the server docker image of (jboss/keycloak:X.X:X)

As i can remember jboss/wildfly exposes its jmx metrics by http but probably something comparable to provides a better solution.

How do you monitor your keycloak instance?

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We are using multiple monitoring systems

  1. Prometheus monitoring in Grafana Dashboard. You can read about it on github -
  2. Default Wildfly management console. There are many configurations and statistics (HTTP connections, listeners, database connection info like pool size and other) - http://localhost:9990

Since a few versions, Keycloak offers the underlying, built-in metrics from Wildfly.
Look for “Enable some metrics” at
These are then available at /metrics on the management endpoint (usually port 9990)
There’s also a /health endpoint on the management port available.