Keycloak logout valid case?

I already read all topics here and on stack overflow about keycloak logout but did not find anything relevant for this use case.

Is there any way to know in my app when the user signs out from keycloak?
I need to execute some custom logic when the user logs out.
When the button resides in app there is not a problem since we already have access to the handler but when he signs out from keycloak’s user console is the tricky part.

I see that the API endpoint is called but my app gets no request.
I have a small express server with a couple of routes, which I used in the client setting as Admin URL (saw in other threads that this URL should be called by keycloak after the API endpoint call) and I also used my route in Backchannel Logout URL.
I installed morgan on my demo server and no request are coming in when I log out from keycloak interface.