Keycloak.v2 account theme ignores translation overrides?

Hi! I’ve been working on slighlty modified themes - and it worked fine for e.g. login.
But for v2 account console I have this issue:

  • When translation messages are added in the theme (e.g. they take over base values
  • But when translation keys are added through realm settings → localization, they seems to be igonred in account console. They work just fine in login for example. (not only as an override, but I can use them at all - they are not available in account theme, so it seems they are not included there)

Can enyone confirm that this should work and also the new acoount console should use realm defined translations? It’s a critical part for me as we need to set e.g. title with company name - using a single theme and ability to override these values per realm seemed like a good solution.

Thanks a lot for any tips! :slight_smile: