Keycloak vs Azure AD B2C

Hi Guys! I Have a question, I work with Azure and I use Azure AD for autentication and authorization, Azure AD work with OpenId Connect and OAuth, what is adventage of Keycloak or Why should I work with Keycloak despite having Azure AD?

Thank you


Keycloak and Azure AD are very similar. If you just need an authentication solution, and you’re already using Azure, I’d say you don’t need Keycloak.

If you can explain a little more about your use case (i.e. what problem you are trying to solve), perhaps we can help.

Thank you for your response, I want to know what Keycloak can offer me that Azure AD does not offer me, because I want to sell the idea of adopting Keycloak in the company where I am.
What can I argue in favor of Keycloak?

Thank you so much.

With Keycloak you own completely your (and your users) data, because you also have to deploy/run/manage Keycloak yourself. It’s not a managed service like Azure AD or some others.

Further, I don’t know if and how easy it is with Azure AD to provide custom login form layouts, developing and deploying extensions, customize the authentication flow, etc…