Running V11 against an V15 updated Database

we have a need to do some upgrade testing of our Postgres estate and given our production environment is yet to have it’s keycloak instance upgraded to V15 to match the lower environments, and won’t before the Postgres upgrades.
Our CTO wants tests of keycloak V11 (prod Keycloak version) with an upgrade of the Postgres engine, so is it possible to create a keycloak instance with a V11 docker image, using the already updated to v15 DB schema?
This would save me a LOT of time if I don’t have to try to rebuild a V11 DB with real data in it.


Most likely it won‘t work, as there might be breaking changes in the DB schema between versions. This is not supported at all.
However, you just can try it, perhaps you‘ll have luck, perhaps not.

Thanks for replying @dasniko.
Is there anywhere that documents the DB changes between versions, so that I can check?

See table “databasechangelog”, the corresponding files of the entries are contained in the repository.