Use yml configuration instead of standalone.xml

I have lots of microservices and they work in a similar format. What my requirement is to make my confiuration.yml files work also for keycloak instead of working with standalone.xml (because of my requirements from our customers). I did not see any option that I can override when I check keycloak’s source code since the configuration is done before SPIs.

What I will go in worst scenario is to run some program to convert given configuration.yml to standalone.xml. I appreciate to hear any ideas about how to achieve this. Basically I want to work with YML instead of XML either natively importing something in keycloak or having some converters.

Maybe you can ask why you need this (even for customers), since all of our microservices works like;

   port: 80

we don’t want to force our clients to learn any different logic to edit our microservices. They will do always in same way to change some basic configurations like above. So can I achieve this converter natively extending keycloak?