How to customize Keycloak Admin Console (19.0.3)?


I have the Keycloak 19.0.3 running in a docker container. We have a business requirement where we need to achieve the following

  1. hide the “Realm settings” from the side navbar for the admin of the specific realm (but not the Keycloak admin user)
  2. Add a button that will open a URL to the User Federation page (specifically to the LDAP page)
  3. Replace the Keycloak logo

I have been doing a bit of research and found that the admin console UI is rewritten in React and there is not much flexibility to customize the Admin Console theme as I could with Login (Except CSS I think)

Is customizing the Keycloak Admin UI and building the jar file the way to go?
If so - Could someone please provide a step-by-step guide regarding this?

For example how to customise the admin UI, how to build it to .JAR file and where to put the JAR file etc…!?