Is there a published Release Lifecycle Policy for Keycloak?


I’m trying to find out if there is a published Release Calendar for Keycloak. Searching through the forum I found this post: Keycloak - Blog - Keycloak Releases and Versioning but it’s pretty old (from 2019) and I don’t know if it still stands. Also, while the post gives the cadence, it is not a calendar, i.e. it does not provide WHICH 4 months are the targeted release months.

Finally, what is the policy for ‘support’? Upgrade to the latest version?

Thanks in advance!


There is no calendar or public roadmap with dates.
If you want commercial support, you can get it by buying a subscription from Red Hat: Red Hat Single Sign-On - Red Hat Customer Portal

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OK, I will have a look at their website. Thanks for your response!